Private Jobs in Uttar Pradesh- Social Media Interns- Paytm

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Focus: On Paytm devices and payments: Paytm QR | Paytm Soundbox | Paytm UPI | Paytm PoS

Role: To create Paytm merchant videos with impactful storyline

  • Go to different stores across the city and identify Paytm merchants with unique stories
  • Record their stories in a video format, click their pictures, know their story
  • The merchant’s story should be impactful and relatable to the audience
  • Create short clips (Insta Reels and Youtube shorts, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin) where the merchant says an impactful line or shares an inspiring story
  • The video should be of good quality shot with good lighting
  • The audio in the video should be clearly audible
  • Use trending reels as background music

Story line for Reels

  • The reel should be relatable or inspiring

Example: It shouldn’t be that the merchant is just saying that Paytm helped him grow his business.Instead they have to look for stories like these – The merchant is an 80 year old woman, who sells samosas in a roadside stall. She doesn’t understand English, but the Paytm Soundbox tells her payment confirmation in her own language – Bengali. She doesn’t think is a street vendor, the Paytm Soundbox has helped her become a businesswoman. Just record her saying “Mein samosa nahi bechti, mein samosa ka business chalati hun aur Paytm mere co-founder hai!”Qualification

  • Smart college going students, who are willing to go to different shops in the city and get good stories out
  • The individual should have a knack for stories and news
  • The individual should have a good knowledge of reels and trending videos

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