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Are you Looking for a genuine and good Secondary Income? Then do apply for this job.

Earn up to 35% as an incentive bonus for all your work, without any targets or work pressure,

Job Description

An Agent basically needs to sell the Insurance products of LIC to potential customers and get a commission out of it. Its not necessarily a field job but can also be done online sitting in the comfort of your home.

Its a commission-based job with no commitments so its up to the agent to take it as a full-time or part-time career.

Products of LIC

  • Endowment Plans that cover life risks and provide savings/huge amounts of money.
  • Pension Plans which will cover life risks and provides periodical payouts
  • Investment Plans such as ULIPs will give you Mutual Funds along with Life Cover
  • Terms Plan which covers your life risk at a minimal premium
  • Health Plans which will cover your hospital expenses along with the life risk

What an Agent needs to do

  • Prospect a customer and sell them the product they need.
  • Follow up on the customer so that the agent will get a good renewable commission

Commission Cycle

  • Twice every month, 1st and 16th


  • For Policies with Terms of more than 15 years: 25%+10%(bonus) commission for all the first year premiums, then in the second and 3rd years yeah the agent will get 7.5% each, followed by the agent will get 5% every year throughout the policy term.
  • Term 10-14 years: 20%+8%(bonus) for 1st-year premium, then in the second and 3rd year yeah the agent will get 7.5% each, followed by that the agent will get 5% every year throughout the policy term.
  • Term 5-9 years: 10%+4%(bonus) for 1st-year premium and then the agent will get 5% every year throughout the policy term.
  • For other terms, the Commission is based on the products

Why Would a customer wants to buy a LIC Policy

  • To Cut the Taxes since all the premiums paid to a LIC Life insurance policy is exempted from tax up to 150,000 according to Section 80C of the IT Act, and all premiums paid to LICs Health Insurance policies are exempted from tax up to 50,000 according to Section 80D of IT Act.
  • And The Maturity or Death benefits of LIC are Exempted from tax according to Section 10(10D) of the IT Act
  • Good Investment + Insurance opportunity as the customer not only gets Life cover but also various Bonuses on maturity from LICs Annual Profits which is huge compared to any other financial organization in India.

Contact Us

Jithin J Prasad, LIC Development Officer, Chennai

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  • WhatsApp/Phone: +91 8714 430 432
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