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We are seeking a Junior Front End Developer with experience in React.js or Angular 12 to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for designing and implementing user interfaces for a web application with a Node.js backend hosted in AWS cloud.


  • Collaborate with our design team to create user-friendly interfaces and implement responsive design
  • Build reusable components and modules for use across the application
  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs and optimize them for maximum speed and scalability
  • Work closely with the backend team to integrate UI with the Node.js backend API
  • Troubleshoot and debug issues related to front-end code
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies in front-end development


  • Strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and related web technologies
  • Experience with React.js or Angular 12
  • Knowledge of responsive design principles and ability to implement them
  • Understanding of version control systems such as Git
  • Familiarity with Node.js and AWS cloud hosting
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot complex issues
  • Good communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with team members

Education And Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • 1+ years of experience in front-end web development

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Skills: react and javascript,angular,javascript,html,css,nextjs

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