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About Karkinos Healthcare

It is estimated that there are 2.25 million cases of cancer in India every year, which doubles every 10 years. Three-quarters of these cancers are detected in the late stages

and mortality rates are devastatingly high because of lack of access to standardized cancer care. Whilst Indians are at the forefront of medical research in the West, India as a country is a laggard in researching and curing the condition.

The fundamental principle of Karkinos healthcare is democratization of cancer care in a participatory fashion with existing health providers, researchers and technologists. Our

vision is to provide millions of cancer patients with affordable and effective treatments and have India become a leader in oncology research. Karkinos will be with the patient

every step of the way, to advise them, connect them to the best specialists, and to coordinate their care.

Karkinos has an eclectic founding team with strong technology, healthcare and finance experience, and a panel of eminent clinical advisors in India and abroad.

Our Ideal candidate

You have a deep passion and interest in Community service. You are expected to have strong problem solving, analytic, decision-making, willingness to learn and excellent

communication with interpersonal skills. You are self-driven and motivated with the desire to work in a fast-paced, results-driven agile and patient-centred environment with varied responsibilities. You will ensure alignment of the learning team’s vision, strategy, and status with the executive leadership team’s priorities and vision.

Your Opportunity

You will be part of a dynamic team that attempts to transform cancer care outcomes in India through establishing a distributed managed cancer care network, supported by an

end-to-end technology platform. You will be privileged to be part of the diverse team of renowned doctors and senior nurses. Your work will impact access to prevention

programmes, early detection, diagnosis and treatments which will digitally enable distributed cancer networks and provide clinical decision support and resulting in affordable cancer care to the community

Your Responsibilities

  • Create lab reports in required electronic format.
  • File and save patient requisition form in the required digital and physical format.
  • Maintain and create accreditation and audit files.
  • Transfer information from paper formats into computer files using keyboards, data recorders, or optical scanners
  • Maintain a filing system and protect confidential patient information.
  • Any other duties as may reasonably be required by the Directors.

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