Private Jobs in Gujarat- Dealer- Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd

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●Trading in equity or Commodity terminal

● All mass file downloading, reading of research report and limit opening for some special clients

●Trading activity, dormant client follow up, some prospective client follow up.

● Trade confirmation

● Business development, new acquisition, service call, marketing activity etc.

● Reporting to branch manager, any other service activity or follow up work for business development.

● Acquisition of new clients of Equity, Commodity, currency, IBT, Derivatives and TPDs etc. ●Reactivation of existing clients through personal meetings, seminars, conferences, telephonic calling etc. Discussing various lucrative investment opportunities and assisting them with various instruments like IBT, IPOs, NPS etc.

● To provide client service and engagement at 360 degree levels.

● Required to develop and execute customized events like Caonpi, customer awareness seminar, outdoor marketing activities etc.

● Providing branch operational support.

● Developing healthy relationships with sub-brokers and doing intervention with them as per supervisor’s advice.

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