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Job Description

  • Impart training on Lean concepts viz. Problem Solving Techniques, SMED, VSM, Standard work, TPM
  • Drive implementation of 5S and Visual Management through training, monitoring and auditing
  • Value Stream Mapping for all Product lines, generate the future state & drive implementation
  • TAKT TIME – Define for all Product lines & Balance Standard Work
  • Implement Kaizens / RIE; demonstrate Continuous Improvements in Process & Eliminate wastage’s.
  • Implement Lean Methods to improve Productivity & Quality
  • Maintain Lean Methods to improve Productivity & Quality
  • Maintain departmental records and maintain database.
  • Generate customized training programs
  • Ensuring compliance training program
  • Ensuring compliance to the lean roadmap activities
  • SD strengthening through board audits and compliance monitoring to the processes.

Diversity And Inclusion

With our expanding global presence, cross-cultural insight and competence are essential for our ongoing success. We believe that a diverse workforce contributes different perspectives and creative ideas that enable us to continue to improve every day. Race, gender, ethnicity, country of origin, age, personal style, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion, life experiences and many more factors contribute to this diversity.

We take ongoing action to improve the diversity of our workforce by:

  • Ensuring leadership involvement and ownership
  • Attracting and retaining diverse talent at all levels
  • Fostering a globally aware, inclusive culture
  • Ensuring our practices are fair and non-discriminatory

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