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Team Description

  • The operations team at Swiggy is responsible for delivering great customer experience through

best-in-class delivery times and maximum serviceability. While we make our efforts in achieving

these objectives, we also already have India’s largest delivery fleet and we are heavily focused on

ensuring a great DE experience. We hope to make Swiggy the platform of choice for anyone in the

country looking for a delivery job.

  • Central Operations strategy: Leads strategic thinking on operations through thinking about new

products and setting up new processes. This team works closely with product team on solutioning

and with city operations teams on execution

  • City Operations teams: Manage operations effectively to drive positive customer experience and

optimise cost to support the overall business P&L. The city teams also work with central operations

team on rolling out new products and processes to drive ops excellence and build sustainable


Job Description

  • This position is responsible for overall managing the Onboarding team & training the team on new

process implementations as and when required.

  • The position would be responsible to run the onboarding & training SOP and end to end solutioning

in lean and effective ways in meeting the business metrics. The position is a middle-management

role within the operations team.

  • The position might also have to involve in training DEs on the work & payout model.
  • The Walkin to Onboarding conversion for the location will be once of his primary KRA.
  • Will also be responsible for generating Referral leads.

The role would require the candidate to perform the following tasks:

  • Strategy and planning: The candidate will assist the top-management in developing operations

strategy for effectively scaling the sourcing requirements of the company with regards to the

Delivery Executives aligned with company UE. Perform cost analysis and reporting as well as

manage schedules, quality initiatives and process change initiatives. Design and manage execution

for cost effective and timely addition of Delivery executives. Responsible for deciding on the staffing

and training requirements for all the areas under your purview.

  • Implementation: Improve the systems, processes and policies in the operations team to better

support management reporting, information flow and relevant business metrics

  • People management: Responsible for managing the team from hiring and training new recruits to

assigning targets and formulating incentive plans as well as career planning for each member of

the team.

Desired Skills

  • 3-5 years of experience (preferably in Sales, Program management, stakeholder

management, Business development roles and people management)

  • Experience in managing blue collared employees such as delivery executives & an understanding

of market – Value add

  • Strong communication and convincing skills and the ability to meet daily, weekly, and long- term

requirements and goals.

  • Should be comfortable working with MS excel and data

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