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Saem Mosae

We are hiring Sales Managers to manage the sales of our new educational mobile application all over India. The job of a Sales Manager is to contact educational institutions in their preferred work divisions, get their permission, and sell our product in their classes.


There are two targets. The first target (target-1) also called as the minimum target is 500 subscriptions per month and the second target (target-2) also called as the standard target is 2000 subscriptions per month. It’s the choice of the Sales Manager to choose the target. Commission for target-1 (500 subscriptions) is 30% of the sales and commission for target-2 (2000 subscriptions) is 40% of the sales.


A variable CTC of ₹27,000 to 92,000 will be paid to the Sales Manager. The fixed CTC initially is ₹12,000 which is subjected to increment every year and the commission ranges between ₹15,000 to ₹80,000 depending on the target achieved by the Sales Manager.


The subscription price of the product is ₹99 for 6 months and ₹149 for 1 year after applying the discount coupon code that is given to the Sales Manager. The commission is calculated on the selling price (after applying the discount). Assuming that all the subscriptions sold were 6-month subscriptions, Sales Manager will get a commission of ₹30 per subscription for target-1 and ₹40 per subscription for target-2.

Earnings Breakdown

Considering all users are subscribing to the 6-month subscription:

  • On achieving target-1, a Sales Manager will earn ₹15,000 in commissions (500 x 30 = 15,000). On achieving target-2, a Sales Manager will earn ₹80,000 in commissions (2000 x 40 = 80,000).
  • For achieving target-1, a Sales Manager will need to get about 20 subscriptions per day. For achieving target-2, a Sales Manager will need to get about 80 subscriptions per day.

Hiring Criteria

  • For the first month, the Sales Manager will be on probation. The probation period might extend for a maximum of 3 months until he/she achieves the target in a month.
  • After successfully achieving the target for a month, the Sales Manager will become a permanent employee.
  • The accumulated salary for the months of probation will be paid once the employment becomes permanent. Thus, only commissions will be paid during probation.
  • If the Sales Manager fails to achieve the target during the first three months of probation, his/her employment will be canceled and the accumulated salary for the months of probation will not be paid.

Employment Cancellation

  • Not achieving the target twice in 4 months after becoming a permanent employee will lead to the cancellation of employment.


  • Achieving the sales target.
  • Building long lasting client relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs.
  • Objective setting, coaching and performance monitoring of sales representatives who work under you.
  • Gaining knowledge about our e-learning products, for presenting them to end users and answering their queries.
  • Presenting the product to targeted audiences inside the classrooms of partnered institutions.

BenefitsLoyalty Bonus

A Sales Manager, after bringing 50,000 subscribers from a state will get a 30% commission (during the complete duration of his/her employment) for each subscriber other than those he/she brings from the state (until when he/she is a Sales Manager for Saem Mosae).

For bringing 50,000 subscribers, a Sales Manager has to work for 25 months (2 years + 1 month) at a pace of 2000 subscriptions per month or 100 months (8 years + 4 months) at a pace of 500 subscriptions per month.

Diamond Award

  • Star Sales Sales Manager (SSM) is a recognition that is given to Sales Managers every month. This recognition is given based on the performance of the Sales Manager.
  • If a Sales Manager gets SSM recognition for all 12 months of the year, he/she will be awarded with the Diamond award.
  • A Sales Manager who gets this award will be entitled to the following benefits:
    • Star Sales Manager will get a month holiday as per their choice on the next year.
    • Salary increment is 50% more than the usual salary increment.


  • Loyalty bonus as stated above.
  • Diamond award benefits as stated above.
  • Employee State Insurance (ESI) benefits.
  • Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) benefits.

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