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United Way of Hyderabad

Job Title: Consultant – Environment Sustainability

Reporting to: AVP/Manager – Environment Initiatives

Team: Environmental Sustainability

Work Schedule: Full time consulting position. Should be available during Monday-Friday, 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 to 2:00 pm on first and third Saturdays. Must be able to work a flexible schedule, including early morning, evening, and weekend work.

1. Overall Purpose of this Role:

This role is a 45 hours per week consulting position working with the Environmental sustainability team. Majority of the work would focus on Developing organisational capacity as well as network visibility for United Way of Hyderabad to execute Environmental sustainability projects with clear carbon / water neutrality outcomes. The consultant will be responsible for developing the model of implementation and delivering the same by building partnerships with different stakeholders. The consultant is expected to evaluate viability of a project, implementation capacity of the grassroots partner, estimate carbon / water output and facilitate certification with external agencies. The position will involve travel, potentially across the country; development of proposals for the corporate partners and supervise implementation of the project.

2. Key Accountabilities:

a) Acquire and Utilize Knowledge

  • Regularly enhances knowledge related to Policy frameworks governing Environmental sustainability and neutrality related requirements of Indian or multinational corporations operating in India.
  • Keeps themselves upraised of models, pilots and experiments being conducted in ESG space to adapt UWH focus area.
  • Participated and represents UWH in forums and learning platform discussing ESGs

b) Implementation

  • Project Management: Assess priorities, create and execute timelines, meet interim and overall project milestones; Continuously monitor and evaluates based on goal and recalibrate when necessary
  • Acquire Resources: Develop proposals as investment opportunities and attract funds
  • Engage Partners: Work with partners across sectors to define, agree and implement projects and initiatives; Understand partner constraints and define the scope of engagement; Provide partners and team members with input, information and constructive feedback to improve performance.

3. Functional Competencies/Accountabilities

a) Self-Management: Presents oneself in an appropriate and professional manner. Communicates, acts, reacts, and responds appropriately in all situations. Effectively utilizes interpersonal skills and political astuteness to: engage with, lead and function as a member of a team as appropriate. Is trustworthy and acts with integrity, authenticity, humility, and in good faith; respecting others’ opinions, priorities, values, and interest. Seeks to continuously improve interpersonal and professional skills.

b) Communication Skills: Understands and uses empathy, compassion, and active listening. Is fully present and aware of subtleties and nuances such as body language and voice tonality to better understand what is important to constituents and how to connect and engage them with UW. Able to influence, persuade, present, request, sell, negotiate, and close a deal as appropriate.

c) Demonstrates Social Responsibility and Stewardship: Has a passion for the common good and affection for the community. Believes in social responsibility and inspires others to be socially responsible. Demonstrates courage and humility when working toward improving life in the community.

4. Education, Training, and Previous Work Experience:

a) Master’s Degree in Environmental sciences, Environment Protection or equivalent.

b) Minimum of 2-3 years related work experience ESG space doing program development, project management, certification facilitation

5. Technical Knowledge:

a) Understanding of carbon neutrality

b) Ability to navigate carbon markets

c) Knowledge of agencies facilitating evaluation and certification for Carbon credits

d) Basic understanding of carbon offset benchmarking for variety of environmental sustainability projects

e) is aware and compatible with policy framework related to CSR PSG water neutrality and carbon neutrality guidelines for companies operating in India

Salary: Commensurate with experience

How to Apply:

Please submit your CV with a cover letter by 15th Oct to

For any queries/clarifications:

You can reach out to us at +91-8801424070

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