Private Jobs in Tamilnadu- SCM Analyst- Ford Motor Company

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Ford Motor Company

Job Description

Key Responsibilities :

Responsible for meeting market metrics – Fill rate (Line & Piece), inventory turns, backorder etc.

  • Perform all daily/weekly/monthly processes diligently without any backlog thereby meet key deliverables.
  • Procurement of services parts from external Global suppliers, Ford plants
  • Respond to dealer part status requests. Take action to address immediate dealer need (COPIS/Call trackers). This generally involves contacting the supplier, carrier or PDC to expedite processing.
  • Perform denied order root cause analysis and work towards implementing the containment actions
  • Review forecast changes and stock order suggestions and identify the unusual trends
  • Ensure all open issues are tracked in the issue log with all specific details
  • Participate with issue log meeting with SME / DMs
  • Interface with internal (e.g. Purchasing, Engineering, Product Analysis, Supplier Development Performance) and external (e.g. Supplier, dealer) organizations to resolve part issues. Escalate issues as necessary to the Supervisor / Manager
  • Resolve all parts that are in a low or negative inventory position (backordered critical) by expediting inventory movement. Address root cause of low or negative inventory position (e.g. request increase in forecast, increase order quantity etc.) Input timing and remarks on availability progress. Escalate issues when supply issue cannot be reached in a timely manner (backorder aging) with the appropriate urgency
  • Participate in Six sigma projects, work on continuous improvement initiatives and elimination of NVAs in various process steps
  • Work closely with Purchasing to review the supportability of overdue parts from suppliers
  • Work with Purchasing on direct sourcing strategy through cost volume analysis
  • Facilitate meetings with Purchasing, SCM, Warehouse, STA for early resolution of supply issues

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