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Apollo Hospitals

Job Responsibilities

Identify the patient by calling their full name, in case of an adult patient or verify from an attendant in case of a pediatric/unconscious/unsound patient.

Registration to be done either manually or online by scanning barcode of patients UHID/Registration number on the OP bill.

Label collection containers, vacutainers etc with labels either generated by computer/hand written with patient demographics noting down the time of collection on the requisition form.

Ask the patient to make a fist do exercise to visualize either cubital fossa/dorsal veins of the hand apply tourniquet about one inch above the elbow/wrist joint.

Sterilize the venepuncture / skin puncture site with 70 % alcohol swab centrifugally i.e.; first the site of venepuncture followed by outwards in circular motion and allow the area to dry.

Draw correct amount of blood sample safely, efficiently, following the standard sterile precautions without any discomfort to the patient either by VACUTAINER /SYRINGE /SKIN PUNCTURE (following the order of draw) technique in case if blood collected by later technique mention about that on requisition form.

Apply pressure at vene / skin puncture site after drawing the requisite amount of blood with another sterile cotton swab/band aid or at least of 5 minutes pressure in patients with history of bleeding problem.

Transfer to labeled receptacles if by syringe method and mix it properly.

Dispatch samples to concerned departments without any delay and inform to the patients when the reports will be ready.

Performing Bleeding and Clotting time, Mantoux procedures on OP IP patients as per the request as and when required and recording the results on-line / into the Phlebotomy Registers.

Responsible for the maintenance of stock and raise an indent to stores as and when required. Responsible for equipment maintenance.

Responsible for preparing the duty roster of the technicians in consultation with the Coordinator.

Responsible for training the junior staff in various procedures of the department.

If there is a needle stick injuries protocol to be followed

If patient collapsed or fainted follow the BLS protocol.

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