Private Jobs in Tamilnadu- Industrial Engineer- Amway

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Job Title: Associate Manager- Industrial Engineering
Education : B.E/B.Tech- Industrial Engg, /Mech Engg/ Chemical Engg/ Others.
Other Requirement : Should have basic knowledge on Alteryx Designer Workflow
Years of experience : 8 – 10

Job Responsibilities:
• Strong understanding on the manufacturing processes of FMCG (beauty, home and personal care) or cosmeceuticals or pharmaceutical products/OTC
• Understanding the role of Routings- Costing process, assess Capacity calculations and work center utilization, resource and time requirement evaluation , etc
• Due diligence and attention to detail
– Be cognizant of the effect of unit of measure and pack quantities on routing data
– Ability to understand the relationship between order size, batch size, campaigning, and changeover time
– Proper application of time conversion factors to ensure hours and cost are correctly represented
• Ability to convert production and processing information into production routing data
– Packaging, Mix, and Assembly Specifications
– Interpret cost estimates
• Provide clear and concise background information in routing attachments
• Create and maintain Tableau Dashboards (Static and Dynamic)

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