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8 to 15 yrs of experience from Automotive sectors.

Should have handled both Internal and External Communications.

The Country Communications Manager is responsible for ensuring consistency between internal and external communications, alignment with the Group’s image and compliance with trademarks, in his or her country.

The Country Communications Manager defines the country’s communication strategies and prepares annual corporate communications plans in line with the strategic objectives set out by the Corporate Communications department and the country’s specific communications needs.

The Country Communications Manager proposes, develops and implements initiatives for Group entities in the country in line with their internal and external communications needs. In the case of the Business Groups, expert advice is provided to the country’s Marketing and HR Managers.

The Country Communications Manager supervises the implementation of the country’s communication plan and controls the communication budget..

External communication:

Supervise contact between the country’s entities and the media. This includes monitoring articles and reporting them to the Corporate Communications department.

Manage all requests from the media.

• Forge and maintain ties with important local and national figures, key

journalists from national publications and the general public. Represent the Group in the media. Maintain ties with representatives from various non-profit organizations, universities and professional bodies in the country to support the Group’s business objectives through institutional exchanges. Supervise local events. Decide whether to outsource communication needs, depending on budgetary restrictions. Ensure that the sites in the country respect the Group’s visual identity.

Internal communication:

• Validate and supervise internal communication initiatives in the country.

• Work with the Business Groups’ internal communications managers to

define and implement internal campaigns in the county’s entities. Act as the country’s correspondent for image surveys and opinion polls launched by the Group.

Crisis communication:

Define and implement communication strategies during crises, together with the Corporate Communications department.

Prepare written crisis communication material.


The Country Communications Manager is not responsible for the Business Groups’ marketing communication.


► Strategic documents:

• Country’s annual communication plan

• Budget planning and monitoring


• Communication resources validated by the Corporate Communications

department (presentations, speeches, videos, etc.) Event organization

Media and public relations

• Databases, photo and video libraries, etc.

Performance Indicators

Internal communication:

• Regular surveys to gauge customer satisfaction with the services


• Qualitative and quantitative analysis questionnaires.

External communication:

Assessment of initiatives undertaken via a comparative review of the

objectives, resources and results. . A qualitative and quantitative analysis of media coverage.

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