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Ford Motor Company

  • Develop and execute supply base/commodity strategies.* Lead cross-functional teams regarding on-time execution of GPDS (Global Product Development System) sourcing process* Facilitate execution of target setting process for new programs* Lead target and pricing negotiations using tools to secure best Job 1 price
  • Issue, analyze and evaluate requests for proposals as a result of customer requisition* Source programs/projects and manage Sourcing Agreements in accordance with regionally driven sourcing efforts
  • Provide local supplier/country expertise for sourcing and may be delegated the lead for a local supplier negotiation by the regional lead* Issue prototype orders, production Purchase Orders (POs) /amendments, and Tool Orders post SA/SOBA (Sourcing Agreement/Supplier On Board Agreement) in support of vehicle buildsProvide local Program Launch Support including resolution of supply issues, capacity production studies, and PSW (Part Submission Warrant) timing plans* Negotiate and achieve best Job 1 pricing and Year Over Year cost efficiencies and reductions through:Development and utilization of analytical tools to deliver Best In Class value and pricing (Cost/8-bin analysis, Cost Models, Benchmarking, Market Intelligence)* Lead TVM (Total Value Management)/CCAT(Commodity Cost Attack Team) and RMCAT (Raw Material Cost Attack Teams) activities* Manage relationships and day-to-day execution with suppliers and internal customers around supply, quality, part launches, resourcing, and capacity planning (including distressed suppliers)Establish and maintain strong cross-functional relationshipsBuild positive relationships with the supply base (utilize the Supplier Relationship Framework) by:acting like a partner trusting and being trustworthycommunicating with consistencybeing fact-basedthinking value not just price* Develop a plan and manage Supplier Resourcing actions in accordance with Resourcing Implementation Board (RIB) processes and procedures:*Coordinate or conduct tool audits.Lead and support bank build requirement calculations, storage issues, and raw materials needs and issue inventory stockpile Purchase Order.
  • As required, lead or support on-site supervision of tool removal and raw/finished goods inventoryManage capital & tooling disposition with a new supplier or Ford Asset Sales.* Work with New Supplier and MP&L to ensure new releases are established (avoid obsolescence).Facilitate with MP&L new packaging approval, re-route, and inventory management of containers.* Lead the development and deployment of constraint mitigation actions to protect assembly/powertrain plant production as a result of supplier constraints or catastrophic losses Utilize SRM (Supply Risk Management) tool to intervene proactively avoiding potential supply disruption* Support Program Purchasing and STA in identifying high-risk suppliers in Global Capacity Studies and then lead the active resolution of capacity/supply issues* Lead the development of supplier support plans that aid in the execution of short-term capacity increases and/or production schedule changes that can lead to supplier capacity constraints

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