Private Jobs in Punjab- General Manager- Oceanic Gym

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Oceanic Gym

Job Description:

1. Handling day to day operations such as follow up calls, conducting monthly meetings, regular feedbacks from the clients, HR related activities, maintenance of gym software and policy formation.
2. Supervising the duties of junior managers such as customer experience quality check, maintenance of program structure, scheduling of PT/HIIT slots, regular diet measurement check.
3. Planning, organizing and hosting the gym events
4. Building public relations with new brands for collaborations and sponsorships.
5. Preparing marketing and sales related strategies along with budget approval plans.

Job Qualifications:

1. BBA graduation.
2. Minimum 2 years’ experience is required.
3. MBA post graduate is preferable.

Job Related Skills:

1. Time Management
2. Analytical skills
3. Communication skills.
4. Leadership
5. Decisiveness.
6. Authoritative
7. Polite

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