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CRISIL Limited

Group Company: SEZ Mumbai (ind)

Designation: Research Analyst (RESEFI12_10A_Analyst, Equity Research/Fixed Income_1512), Research Analyst (RESEFI12_10A_Analyst, Equity Research/Fixed Income_1544), Research Analyst (RESEFI12_10A_Analyst, Equity Research/Fixed Income_1559), Senior Research Analyst (RESEFI12_11A_Analyst, Equity Research/Fixed Income_1566), Research Analyst (RESEFI12_10A_Analyst, Equity Research/Fixed Income_1576), Research Analyst (RESEFI12_10A_Analyst, Equity Research/Fixed Income_1525), Research Analyst (RESEFI12_10A_Analyst, Equity Research/Fixed Income_1531), Research Analyst (RESEFI12_10A_Analyst, Equity Research/Fixed Income_1538), Research Analyst (RESEFI12_10A_Analyst, Equity Research/Fixed Income_1589)

Office Location:

Years of experience: 3 to 5

Salary Range: INR to (Annual)

Position Description

  • Impacts and directs the quality of research and effectiveness of own team
  • Contributes to the achievement of Research department objectives
  • Has responsibility for a specific coverage area within the team’s overall product sphere, including subject matter expertise in specific industry sub-segments and provides timely preparation of periodic reports within assigned coverage realm
  • May have one or more direct reports, with attendant increasing managerial and administrative duties associated with performance management processes, if applicable-“
  • Conducts independent company-specific, economic, or trend analysis- – Publishes written articles and research reports reports that summarize analysis & findings- – Conceptualizes and publishes articles with minimal senior analyst input

– Leads and manages information collection by junior teams members, with a focus on accuracy, completeness and timeliness of data- – Contributes to planning around new content necessary or beneficial to existing clients in conjunction with the team-

  • Contribute to the consulting / custom work business of the assigned industry, where applicable- – May liaise with consulting clients, and take ownership of certain areas of consulting project
  • “Provide research, analysis and forecasting- – Develops and publishes own industry forecasts, subject to review by senior team member- – Writes and publishes analytical articles with minimal supervision, and requiring little editing or input from senior team members- – Responds to client inquiries with respect to designated coverage areas
  • Participate in industry/company conferences/presentations to develop subject matter expertise, keep abreast of developing issues and trends- – May sit on conference panels, give industry presentations after training period and webinar experience”
  • Contribute to and manage group research projects including submitting final research product for senior review- – Serve as a resource/mentor for junior team members and participating in transition training, as necessary
  • Contribute articles, databooks and other research content and analysis to online services with minimal re-write or supervision- – Oversees one or more group research efforts on broader industry content and manages the collection of some data sets, ensuring the highest quality possible

Primary Responsibilities

  • The Research Analyst is responsible for executing the research and content of a designated coverage area within their respective industry
  • Provides guidance to Product Managers and other team members on research, client and product issues and serves as the subject matter expert for certain segments within the industry
  • Contributes to the consulting business where designated and applicable

Additional Responsibilities

Reporting Team

  • Reporting Designation:
  • Reporting Department:

Educational Qualifications Preferred

  • Category: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree
  • Field specialization: Art, Art Studies/general
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts – BA, Master of Arts – MA, Master of Business Administration – MBA
  • Academic score:
  • Institution tier:

Required Training/s

Required Certification/s:

Required Work Experience

  • Industry: – Three to five years prior experience in Analyst or industry-relevant position and/or combination internal and external relevant experience required
  • Role:
  • Years of experience: to

Required Competencies

Key Performance Indicators:

Required Knowledge

  • Has increasingly in-depth knowledge of relevant industries and sectors
  • Has proven judgment in analyzing industry or company related trends
  • Applies editorial concepts to develop, manage and/or produce more complex & high profile content
  • Ensures coverage is thorough and competitive

Required Skills

  • Identifies and resolves complex research issues and team problems; helps set research agenda and suggests articles/studies
  • Responsibility for publishing increasingly innovative and unique proprietary content
  • Works within own team and interacts with other related teams- – Communicates regularly with internal & external clients
  • Responds to client inquiries regarding coverage area, overall industry issues and themes, as well as product content and navigation
  • May train internal stakeholders as to research content, develop client-facing webinars presenting and summarizing content offerings, typically with a senior research analyst
  • Experience leading a project, leading a team of individuals, providing training and troubleshooting problems preferred

Required Abilities

  • Physical:
  • Other:

Specific Requirements

Work Environment Details:

  • Travel:
  • Vehicle:
  • Work Permit:

Other Details

  • Pay Rate:
  • Contract Types:
  • Time Constraints:
  • Compliance Related:
  • Union Affiliation:

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