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Sygnific Services

Position:-Broker Account Analyst
Shift :-3pm -11pm (UK shift)
• Strong Communication Skills
• Data Analysis
• Willing to work with accuracy on constricted dead-lines
• Efficiency and Time Management
• MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Knowledge
• Maintaining High Level of Integrity
• Analytical Skills (Keen eye for details)
• Good Emailing Etiquettes

Preferred (Not Mandatory):
• Basic Knowledge of Data Management
• Any prior experience in handling high volume of data

Roles & Responsibilities:
• To call Merchant card machine providers to get the totals for clients.
• To broker out deals to third party lenders as per the lending criteria
• To qualify a client to various lenders as per client’s requirement.
• To manage good relationship with the lenders.
• Negotiate interest rate and loan term with the lender on behalf of the client.
• To negotiate commission with the lender on behalf of the organization
• To manage contract signing and onboarding of new lenders to gain more business.
• Coordinating with internal teams for efficient customer service.
• To be able to work with high volume of data and maintain record of the leads.
• Daily reporting and sharing accurate updates on pending deals
• Chasing required information on deals on real-time basis and increasing the productivity and efficiency.

Job Description :

• To study lending criteria of lending partners.
• To manage relationships with Alternative Finance Providers in the UK
• To manage contracts, loan book and servicing of lenders as per company’s required standard.
• To review audited accounts and bank statements of the client.
• To pre-assess deals for lending partners
• To bring necessary changes in the process to win more business and earn more commission.
• To negotiate various elements with the lenders to gain favorable deals for the client and the organization.
• Coordinating with internal teams for efficient customer service.

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