Private Jobs in Kerala- Public Relations Officer- SP Fort Hospital

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SP Fort Hospital


  • Create with innovative and engaging patient and public relations.
  • Help in allotting rooms for patients.
  • Be the first point of contact for patients and the public.
  • Collaborate with other teams such as senior and middle level management.
  • Handle any PR related issue that may arise.
  • Maintain good relationships with media houses.
  • Organise PR activations to promote the company’s image and serve as the spokesperson.
  • Focus on marketing the company through partnerships and advertising.
  • Keep up with media and audience opinions regularly.
  • Study PR trends and use best practices.
  • Regularly submit PR reports.


  • Prior experience with public relations.
  • Experience with PR campaigns and media management.
  • Excellent writing, oral presentation and communication skills.
  • Basic knowledge of computers and writing software (MS Office).
  • A strong presence of mind and analytical skill.
  • Keen attention to detail.
  • Calm mind in a sometimes stressful environment.

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