Private Jobs in Goa- UAS Flight Control Engineer- Delhivery

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Delhivery focuses on upcoming technologies in the field of transportation and automation. We are seeking a system architect for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


· Design and implement on-board software for control and navigation of UAVs.

· Incorporate standard sensors like IMU, speed and pressure sensor, vision sensors etc.

· Design the flight controller in accordance with safety and regulatory compliance requirements for UAVs.

· Work closely with UAV design and testing teams to improve product performance.

· Develop interfaces for fleet management and logistics.


· B.Tech or similar degree in Electronics, Computer science, Aeronautical Engineering or closely related field.

· Higher degree preferred.

· 3+ years of research/ UAS competitions at the university level or industry experience in flight control systems.

· Proficiency with Ardupilot/ PX4 hardware and software is required.

· Demonstrated success in VTOL flight controller design.

· Proficient in programming 16/32 bit controllers, typical flight sensors.

· Proficient in C++/C#, Linux, and Python

· Proficient with low level communication protocols like I2C, CAN, SPI, RS232 and internet protocols TCP, UDP.

·  Experience with open source autopilot systems in addition to Ardupilot and px4 is desirable. Experience with SITL, HITL a plus.

· Experience with radio/4/5g Communication systems is a plus.

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