Private Jobs in Goa- Brewer Intern- Latambarcem Brewers

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  • Private jobs in Ahmedabad/Surat/Gujarat/Goa
  • Goa, India

Latambarcem Brewers

•       Must be able to learn processes and standards through the training given in lab

•       Must be able to follow processes and protocols (SOPs);

•       Must deal with all aspects of the beer production, milling, brewing, propagating yeast, cleaning, CIP, packaging processes, supplies management, cleaning;

•       Must be able to raise weight of 25 Kg

•       Must perform scientific tests on the raw materials to ensure they have specific qualities necessary for beer making – CTA Lab (Chemical Technical Analytical Laboratory);

•       To keep detailed records of the beer production process, including the quantities of raw materials used, the recipe for the beer, scientific analysis of the brew at different points and final taste testing;

•       Manage the day-to-day operations of the brewery;

•       Responsibility for maintaining Occupational Health & Safety and compliance with food standards – Ensuring that staff are working in a safe environment. Must work in conjunction with all health and safety guidelines to keep the beer production and packaging processes as safe as possible. Managing hygiene on the production line and ensuring that food safety standards are maintained;

•       Must follow the timelines involved, production goals and key performance indicators;

•       Must follow maintenance schedule on the production line – all equipment must be carefully maintained to ensure equipment failure does not delay beer production;

•       Must observe adequate raw materials, bottles and packaging materials and communicate with the inventory control Department;

•       Must spend adequate time on the production floor, in offices and in Laboratory.

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