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Blindspot Media-Digital Marketing Agency

Job Description

Client managers maintain and develop client-business relationships. The work of a client manager can help make the public more aware of a business and bring in revenue. Client managers must have a strong understanding of their company’s products or services and knowledge of their competition. They must be ready to develop creative solutions for existing clients, as well as pursue new clientele opportunities.


1.The main purpose of a client manager’s work is to help a business meet sales and revenue goals.
2. They must design plans to achieve these goals and create strategies to combat potential revenue losses. 3.Client managers may be required to travel, sometimes internationally, to meet with clients.
4.They must also perform research to identify new potential clients.
5.Client managers may create presentations to inform potential or existing clients about their company’s products or services.
6. They must ensure that clients are satisfied with the company at all times and will bring in repeated business by resolving any outstanding issues.
7. They also need to inform their company of new contacts and marketing opportunities.

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