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Profile: Programmatic Analyst

Experience: 3+ Years

Location: Permanent Remote

What is Uplers Talent Network?

Uplers Talent Network is a place where top talents meet the right opportunities. It is a platform for every candidate looking for a perfect opportunity to work with global companies on a contractual basis. Our talent network is a place for top Indian talents who can benefit from the platform and gain access to global career exposure.

With us, you’ll get the support, guidance, and opportunities that you need to take your career to the next level. So, if you’re ready to embark on the journey of your next challenge, we’re ready to be your engine!

Contractual Position

A contractual position usually requires you to sign and agree to the terms of a contract before you begin working. This structure can offer a variety of commitments that allow you to refine established skills and create new ones.

Uplers Talent Network brings contractual positions with benefits like:

✔ Higher pay than industry standards

✔ Full-time position

✔ Ability to gain different skills in a short period

✔ Control over your career

Perks of joining Uplers Talent Network:

  • Talent Success Coach: Get connected with a dedicated coach to guide you before, during as well as after your assignments with our clients.
  • Payout: Get paid in global currencies and earn more than industry standards.
  • Opportunity: Work with international companies and get global exposure with exciting projects.
  • Mobility: Work from the comfort of your living room couch or even a breezy beach.

How to become a part of our Talent Network?

Take the first step, register on our portal

Clear the decks and fill out the application form

Gear up, clear the 3-stage assessment process

And yes! Become a part of Uplers Certified Talent Network

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Act as the main point of contact for the client, internal departments, and third-party providers for Programmatic campaign needs
  • Contribute to the development and execution of market strategies for Programmatic campaigns, including developing roadmaps, test plans, and risk/benefit analysis
  • Creative A/B testing and sharing campaign insights with creative team including using DCO
  • Planning, execution, optimization and scaling of brand awareness, performance and App install campaigns across all major DSP like DV360, TTD, MediaMath
  • Actively test and analyze creative message, audiences and landing pages to deliver incremental volume
  • Analyzing historical performance data to identify opportunities to improve campaign performance and maximize ROI/ROAS
  • Proactively seek to share unique knowledge specialisms and insights across the Programmatic team
  • Periodical audit build campaigns landing pages and traffic quality towards achieving defined KPI
  • Collaborate with internal team on cross-channel campaign to optimum utilization of digital landscape
  • Handles client queries and adhere to QA and SLA standards for paid social fulfilment
  • Keep on top of industry changes, updates and emerging programmatic technology to quickly influence strategic levers for optimal targeting
  • Provide detailed weekly/monthly and PCR reports with written insights and performance improvement plans


  • 3+ Years of core end-to-end campaign management experience in DV360
  • 2+ Years of experience in Ad trafficking like DCM
  • Required multi DSP experience including DV30, TTD, Amazon, MediaMath, Inmobi and Xandr
  • In Depth knowledge of DV360 feature, functionality, execution, bidding strategies, PMP deals and optimization
  • A granular level and demonstrate hands-on knowledge of Ad trafficking majorly in DCM and tags generation
  • Hands-on experience of managing Standard, Dynamic, Video, CTV ads at execution and planning level
  • Should be able to work in result driven environment with data driven approach
  • Experience with the principles of creating an advertising campaign; composing audience targeting strategies, generating ad creative for testing, and optimizing to scale the campaigns
  • Core understanding of conversions tracking and attribution including Floodlight pixel/Custom variables creations, conversion setting, lookback window
  • Fair understanding of using brand safety tools like Double Verified and IAS
  • Core understanding of programmatic technologies like SSP, DSP, DMP, Ad server ad exchanges, ad network and DCO
  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics Setup, Optimization & Integrations
  • Your time and work management skills are off the charts
  • You are comfortable being up to date across all allocated clients and recent changes in the industry
  • Provide detailed weekly/monthly and PCR Report with written insights that spell out goals set and reached along with stats
  • Work with cross-functional teams (Design, Content, ATL, Search,Social) to attain business goals
  • Excellent Communication verbal Skills
  • Working experience on DataXu and Sizmek
  • Basic understanding of other marking platform like Facebook and Google Ads
  • Working on report automation data aggregator tools like Google Data Studio & supermetrics
  • Hands on with Finance & invoicing for programmatic ad spend
  • Working knowledge of Google Ad Manager [DFP]
  • Good understanding of Programmatic API for dynamic creatives and data automation
  • DV360,DCM and Google Analytics certifications

Good to have-

  • Trafficking + Trading Experience.
  • Strong Knowledge in Programmatic domain.
  • Strong hold on performance and brand awareness campaigns.
  • Good at data analysis, optimization and insight.

Uplift with Uplers

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